What I See When I Run: The Grand River Overflows Its Banks

When you get a lot of snow, and then you get unseasonably warm temperatures and lots of rain, your rivers, creeks, and streams run out of capacity to hold it all. Unfortunately, that’s happening in Lansing right now. While I was out running tonight, I took a moment to capture the scene along the Grand River in downtown Lansing. I didn’t get to cover much of the waterfront, as plenty of the non-motorized trail along the river is already underwater. Nonetheless, I did get an image to share.

There’s a non-motorized trail that runs along the waterfront by the Lansing Center (the building at the right, for those of you who may not be familiar with Lansing, MI). The fence is immediately adjacent to the trail; based on its appearance, I’d guess that trail is at least a foot under the river, and maybe as much as two feet.

The water is still rising.

What I See When I Run: The Grand River

My phone almost always travels with me when I run. It’s a good safety protocol, and I sometimes get the bonus of a great photo. That was the case a few days ago, when I ran along the amazingly still Grand River as the sun rose.

Lansing, Michigan -- View of the Grand River

It’s one of the better views I’ll ever get for a morning run.